Technologies Used by DevOps and its Tool

Technologies Used by DevOps and its tools


DevOps refers to a culture and set of methods that bring together development and operations teams to complete software system development. It enables enterprises to create and enhance products at a faster rate than traditional software program development methodologies.

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DevOps Tools:

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic assists businesses in researching and logging information. It integrates security analytics with integrating threat intelligence for enhanced security analytics.


Docker is a collection of DevOps software. DevOps groups can use it to create, run, and ship, distributed applications. Users can use this tool to build apps from components and collaborate on them.


Snort is an extremely effective open-source DevOps tool for detecting intrusions. It also alerts you to malicious attempts on the system. It enables real-time traffic monitoring and packet processing.


Ansible is a well-known DevOps tool. It’s a simple technique to change IT to automate the complete application lifecycle. It enables DevOps teams to grow automation and increase efficiency.


Jenkins is used to tracking the progress of repetitive operations. It greatly helps in the integration of project changes by promptly identifying difficulties.

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Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise has the potential to be a DevOps tool. It allows the entire infrastructure to be managed as code without expanding the team’s size.


A chef is a valuable DevOps tool for increasing speed, scale, and accuracy. It is mostly a Cloud-based system. It may be used to simplify complex tasks and automate them.


It is a very effective log management and DevOps tool. There are various use cases for monitoring SSH logins and strange activity. Its simple version may be available for free and open source.


Splunk is a tool for making machine data accessible, useable, and valuable to all. It provides operational intelligence to DevOps teams. It enables businesses to be more productive, competitive, and secure.

Code Climate

It is a DevOps tool for assessing the quality of code from the commands to the cloud. It allows consumers to easily remedy faults and allows the team to provide more code.

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